SOS: Lavry Engineering AD11 Review

Dan Lavry has gained a reputation for creating some of the best A-D converters on the planet — and this time you get mic preamps as well!

Lavry Engineering are very highly regarded American manufacturers of digital audio converters. Dan Lavry's designs have a very strong engineering emphasis, building on his considerable experience of designing cutting-edge digital equipment for the instrumentation, medical and telecoms industries...

"The Lavry Black AD11 ticks all the boxes for sound quality and technical specifications, and I can't fault it at all at that level... ...the most important aspect of a converter or preamp is the sound quality. On that score, as I have said, the Lavry Black AD11 is a very impressive performer indeed, and a highly cost-effective product. As a compact, high-quality stereo interface for location recording with a laptop, it is hard to think of anything close, let alone better. "

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