ProSoundNetwork: Two-Channel Analog-to-Digital Converters ADCs

Benchmark Media - ADC- 1 • Lavry Engineering - LavryBlack AD10 • Mytek Digital - Stereo96 ADC • Prism Sound - Dream AD-2

In considering the controversies, skepticism, hype, and hoopla that can surround published analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog (AD/DA) converter testing or subjective “shootouts,” one may rightfully question which test methods are truly valid to such esoteric pursuits. There’s good reason for such uncertainty — tests with pre-recorded music certainly have their inherent advantages, as do live music recording tests, mixdown tests, “loop thru” tests, and good ‘ol concrete bench tests. Though each test has its own limitations, each can provide data worthy of consideration. Thus, in our fifth installment of the PAR Session Trial — our ongoing series of in-depth, comparative and “real world” pro audio gear evaluations — we chose to cover all the bases. What follows is a deep study, going far beyond normal Session Trial parameters, of whether considerable aural differences exist in high-end analog-to-digital converter (ADC) choices and, if so, how the test units differ.

"...the Lavry sounded more “honest” and pure, so comparably lacking in any hype that it allowed louder listening to be more pleasant; it made me want to mix again, this time with possibly a bit more mix hype."

"The Lavry sound seemed the most “reference” to me, with an absence of hype or coloration that was admirably natural."

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