SixMoons Audio Reviews: Lavry DA11

Lavry is well-known in audio engineering circles around the world for its professional mastering and recording gear. Coming from musical families and frequenting live performances of all kinds of music, the husband and wife team of Daniel Lavry, electronics engineer cum designer, and Priscilla Lavry, CEO, has run the company since 1993. Both Lavrys know their Bechsteins from their Bösendorfers, meeting some years ago through the instrumentality of Priscilla’s harp teacher.

Despite an impressive family background of musical sophistication and technical expertise, Dan relates with considerable enthusiasm that his favorite instrument is the accordion. Why? Well, how else can one play real Russian folk music? Note the emphasis on real and having fun. This is what music’s all about - in my opinion.

"...After listening to the DA-11 for several months over a wide range of music and electronics, I found the experience both encouraging and tantalizing. What I heard certainly illustrates the positive game-changing potential of hard-drive-driven audio but also highlighted some of the pitfalls - for which there are solutions. For sure getting digital correctly can be complicated yet when its peculiarities are tamed, the superior sound quality and convenience make it harder than ever to contemplate going back to spinning plastic discs..."

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