SOS: Lavry Engineering AD11 Bench test

Bench tests of the LavryBlack AD11 confirmed its impressive credentials, with the results matching or exceeding the published specifications. The dynamic range measured to the AES17 standard was 120dB, and THD+N was better than 0.001 percent for signals above -14dBFS in line mode (distortion rises rapidly above -4dBFS when the soft saturation mode is engaged, of course). The frequency response is ruler flat to 5Hz, and is roughly 30dB down at half the sample rate, achieving maximum attenuation of over 110dB at about 0.56fs. Although theoretically non-ideal, this kind of performance is quite typical. Channel crosstalk at 10kHz in line mode is a very healthy 112dB. The maximum input level in line mode via the balanced XLR connection is fractionally shy of +24dBu.

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